I'm sleepy
Homestuck, Coffee, Ghosts and Drawing.

I can post only those three because I’m not really sure about the rest of my choices ^^ Sorry anon ~
I wanted to fit Equius as the mad scientist because he created Sally but finally I think he don’t fit him at all

Requests are now open ~

I’m waiting for your ask, people. (° H °)

I just made a mime Gamzee

He’s whispering at her ear and she listens.

I can’t stop drawing those two

Yeah I love this ship soooo much ! Sorry I think I will not end the last WIP, i’m too lazy and it turned bad

Work in progress ! :o) Hope you will like it.


i thought they looked like cute, dead, skull br0s <3

and mostly inspired but this post

I’m eating a yogurt so I’ve drawn Gamzee eating one too. c:

I’m feeling so sad tonight I can’t draw anything but that, sorry bye dears

Don’t look at his right hand. Seriously, don’t do it ;u;

Good night my dear carrots ~

TC : *smile* :o)

The blind girl c:

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