I'm sleepy ♑
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The blind girl c:

What are you opinions on blackrom Gamrezi?

I really LOVE it ! *-* It was the first fav ship I had, and now it’s one of my OTP c:

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Aaaand done. I’m too lazy to tell you the story so I’ll just leave this here and leave bye


Don’t worry, GHB<3PSii will come ^^.

Aw thanks anon this is so nice /;//w//;\ Guys, we reach 200+ followers I love all of you ^^ !!

I’m sleepy as fuck and it’s 6 am at my place but I can’t sleep…

Done ! (: Hope you like it ! ~

It’s done, anon (: Thanks for your request !

I’m sleepy, now. I’m going to bed ~ I will take more request tomorrow, good night everyone ^^ ~

Oh, hey Gamzee ^^ Thanks for your request, hope you like it ! ~

Sure, it’s rare but seriously really cute ! Thanks for your request ! ^^

(so much pink, so muuuch !)

Dawww, I love this ship too ! Kurtuna in 7 for you anon ^^ Thanks for the request ~

Thanks for this request, I loved to draw this ! ^^

Send me a number and your OTP and I maybe will do a drawing ! ^^

My cousin asked me to draw a bath time Gamsol then I drew one c:
Looks like Sollux had enough Gamzee hair for today.

Let’s begin the journey with a coffee and a Gamsol c: